F O r E p L a Y

Are you wondering what is all this hoopla about foreplay …why is it that foreplay is considered more important than the act itself! Well for most obvious reasons …better the FOREPLAY, better the CLIMAX!

Technically speaking foreplay is any sexual activity preceding intercourse. This activity sets the mood for intimacy between couples. It kind of mentally prepares you and your partner before you get into the act. On any normal day, we are all so preoccupied with our various commitments, responsibilities and the hazaar roles that we play as an individual. And then when its time for some quite intimate moments with our companion, we are so emotionally bogged down due to the challenges of this material world. So we begin to take SEX for granted.

We indulge in intercourse with our partner mechanically, sometimes out of duty, quite often even forcefully. Either ways, it’s not appropriate to express love or enjoy sex in this manner with your partner. Here is where foreplay has a crucial role, since it creates an atmosphere for both of you to make love. Keeping aside all your regular daily tensions, foreplay builds that magic between you and your partner. Come what may how your day was or what state of mind you are in, foreplay shifts your mental gears, sets the pace and leads you to a fun filled, harmonious, passionate love making session which will undoubtedly give you fulfilment. With FOREPLAY …you set the ball rolling!>

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