Eyes are the windows of the soul!

Eyes speak louder and with more depth …one look and one glance – that’s it and that’s all – that is required to express your innermost desire. No wonder then, that eye make-up is an integral part of beautifying oneself. Eyes need to be handled gently and with care. The beauty products you choose for your eyes ought to be of a superior quality. Even the cleanser used to remove eye make-up at the end of the day needs to be sensitive to the eyes and chemical free.

The market is flooded with umpteen products for enhancing your eyes …be it the most commonly used kajal to eye shadow to eye liner to mascara. Often women feel its time consuming to get THAT perfect LOOK – whether it’s a party look, the smokey eyes, the shimmering eyes or the evening look. So what to do when there is very little time and you want your eyes to speak?

Well it’s a thumb rule to definitely have – beige golden shimmering coloured and silver white shimmering coloured – eye shadows in your eye make-up kit. Also eye pencils of various colours should be possessed and here again the beige coloured and silver coloured eye pencil is a must. In addition, your kajal and mascara is a mandatory part of this kit. If you have just these and you quickly brighten your eyes with them, believe me you its more than enough to get that k i l l e r LOOK and let your eyes do the talking!

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