Exclusively C e L e B r A t E the love of your life!

Its basic instinct to make merry with the ones we love. And when it comes to your better half, rejoicing togetherness is never enough! We all like to do that “ONE” special thing for our lover …it could be anything …it could be in the form of a gift; could be organising a surprise party; could be a dream holiday destination; could be as simple as giving our time and making it a point to physically be with our companion on important dates when we are apart; could be making something for our mate with our own hands …this list can be endless!

How about gifting “HIM” a pillow with one of your favourite adorable photograph embossed on it! Meaning, pick a snap – with you & your mate – happily sharing affection which he also likes and get it imprinted on a pillow. You can buy this pillow of the shape and size you desire, for him, from the same store where you can get this picture embossed. He will surely love it and if it’s a small “CUSHION type PILLOW”, he can also carry it with him during his business trips or when he is travelling for work.

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You know that “SHE” definitely uses a mini mirror which has a permanent place in her daily handbag. So maybe you can pick up an endearing photograph of the both of you together, which even she likes and get it imprinted on the cover of a mini mirror. You can select a mini mirror of your choice from the same store where you can get this picture embossed. Mind you, she is gonna love this gesture for life and this “MIRROR” will be the most priced possession of her shoulder bag!

Another crazy yet cute way to etch your love for each other is by getting inked for life. “TATTOOS” are forever and so is your love! Go ahead …get a tattoo done wherever you wish – on maybe a favourite line from your partners desired song; OR on anything that signifies your love; OR still better, on the date you discovered each other; OR maybe your spouses favourite term of endearment; OR the nick name you have kept for your companion!

Apart from these you can also surprise your mate with an “Audio Clip” where you read out a love letter you have written for him or her in your own voice. And then send this audio clip via your smart phone. And while you use technology to celebrate your love, don’t forget to do things the old way too which has taken a back seat. So bring that special feeling back and ignite romance in the age old way of doing things with a personal touch. Go to the post-office and pick up some inland letters OR pick up some creative papers from the stationery and pen down something romantic, sweet, fun and witty and get passionate the vintage way!

With these little gestures for your – One and Only Soul Mate – let your actions speak louder than words!

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