Embrace the Beauty of Winter!

With a slight dip in the temperature, shorter days and longer nights …let’s welcome the wonderful winters! This nippy weather reminds you of colourful stoles, scarves, fun filled campfires, cold creams, hot soups, cosy sweaters, moisturisers, lazy mornings, luxurious jackets, body lotions, yummy snacks, sleep and more slumber!

Now find yourself a comfy spot, grab a cup of hot chocolate or fragrant chai, make yourself at ease and enjoy these simple tips on how to stay beautiful this winter. Be it dry skin, chapped lips, brittle hair or flaky nails we know Mother Nature dominates this season and our skin, hair and nails suffer because of it.

Preferably stay away from junk food and refined sugar and opt for food that supports your body and cells in retaining moisture and staying hydrated. Adequate water intake is essential …so keep sipping a decent amount of H2O! Replenish lost moisture …apply loving amounts of moisturiser immediately after you’ve gently cleansed your face and body to trap in as much moisture as possible. Massage coconut oil onto your scalp and take it through to the ends of your hair.

Most of us love to have steamy hot showers in winters. Undoubtedly when the temperature dips this hot water bath may seem divine; however hot water strips the natural oils from your skin. Well you don’t have to shiver through freezing cold showers each day, but just tone down the temperature from searing hot to luke warm and spend a little less time than usual singing and daydreaming in the shower.

Enjoy winter fashion and dress stylishly. Avoid itchy fabrics as they can irritate dry, sensitive skin; instead, embrace soft fabrics. Don’t over exfoliate your skin, use gentle cleansers, embrace richer, thicker balms, creams and lotions to soothe your skin. Pay particular attention to the delicate area around your eyes and around your lips when you’re moisturising.

That’s all and that’s it to a BEAUTIFUL YOU this winter!

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