Double Trouble

Have you fallen in love …yyeeeeeppppppppiiiiiiiiieeeeeee …in love AGAIN? With the same person …neahhhhhh! With another person …hmm …and also continue to love the first person …yep! So in love with two people at the same time …ya ya ya! OOF

Now what next? You are hurt, guilty, confused, wondering what’s happening! You are anxious seeing your new avatar of playing cupid twice. Even before the first relationship died, you found yourself mushrooming another. How come …you have no idea!

You finally decide TO DECIDE between the two, since you do not want to carry on two timing …that’s not correct; that’s not you! At first you aren’t able to take a call …both seem good and great to you. You are in confusion and have no one to clear the cobwebs of your heart.

Here is how you can choose: take a break from both your relationships for sometime and see who you miss more. The one, whom you miss more, is obviously the one you love more. Yet another litmus test to prompt your final decision could be this way – being in a relationship, if you still fell in love with another person; then go for The Second One, since it goes without saying that you didn’t feel complete in your first relationship and therefore The Second Happened! Eureka eureka …you got it! No more fooling around with doubles and inviting troubles. One and only ONE LOVE for you!

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