…don’t “FALL” in love!

Have you fallen in love …DON’T …please Rise in Love! It’s not a great idea to fall and lose yourself in someone’s love. It may sound great on poetry or in the bestseller book or might be just the perfect lyrics of the number one track on the chartbusters; however in reality losing yourself in the love for someone else could be the most harmful thing you could be doing!

Wake up! The truth is, even if your love is reciprocated, then too getting lost in that love for your companion would be detrimental to your relationship. If actually seen closer – it is a state of mind – that you may like to be in. For instance, you are drawn to a situation …a feeling, where you are completely lost in love with your partner. You probably fantasize that experience …that state! However it’s important to note that, you can’t make – That State – A Way of Life!

Your spouse will most likely leave you to yourself if you keep getting lost in his love … she may land up getting stifled in such a relationship …he may feel suffocated with such a bonding! While it may seem romantic to lose yourself in your love for your wife or husband during moments of honeymooning; Love in its purest form doesn’t ask you to lose yourself …in fact, “the ideal love affair would be, when you FIND YOURSELF in love …when you DISCOVER YOURSELF in love!”

LOVE is so much deeper an emotion and not something which binds you! You release yourself in love …you are free in love …you feel liberated in love …you are joyful in love! HOWEVER when you fall and lose yourself in love, that’s when it becomes a bondage …that’s when it is painful …that’s when it’s not empowering …that’s when you feel obsessed!

Remember when you lose yourself in love; you have nothing more to give. And what kind of a love is it, when you can’t give anything!!!

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