…The divine NUDE look!

Unlock your Skin of Oodles of Makeup and let your Nude Look do the talking this summer! Classic nude makeup is absolutely stunning, easy to do, subtle and chic as well. This more natural look actually makes you appear like a diva!

Your skin is the star when you sport the amazing nude look. Neutral makeup simply boosts your skin tone, where the thumb rule of the look – “Less is More” – gives you a face that is just like you but even better – freshly scrubbed, yet polished and pretty. Make your skin your guide …know which colours will suit you. Skip foundation if possible and blend a concealer instead, over your problem areas. Choose shadow and blush in the same colour family as your skin tone, but a shade or two darker. And leave the rest of your skin totally bare.

Go for the nude look preferably after getting a facial OR make sure to cleanse, tone and moisturize as frequently as possible prior to wearing the nude look. This cleansing toning ritual will make your skin glow, look naturally flawless and will let you carry this neutral look with élan.

Ensure to exfoliate your lips properly before doing the nude look so that they are in good condition, looking and feeling their absolute best. Then go in for the nude lips which are best achieved by using a slightly coloured lip balm. For the nude look, lips ought to be luscious rather than overly glossy or completely matte. A pure peach lipstick or gloss can be suitable to most skin tones and will give the lip definition without looking overly made up. It warms the skin, looks youthful, fresh and can perfectly compliment the natural makeup look.

As for the windows of the soul – your eyes – GO LIGHT! Smoky eyes are a strict NO NO. Fluttery eyes with a little mascara alone and nothing else, can make you look marvellous. Mascara works like magic to eyes and does wonders to the over-all look.

CONFIDENTLY Nail this Natural Look this summer and let this Nude Makeup make heads turn to the cool bare kind of beauty that you breathe!

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