Discover “true love”!

In this Time Bound World, wonder if there are Timeless Relationships … wonder if there is really something like Authentic Love! And believing that there is true love, then how do we make this love last! With us entering the month of love & romance next week, maybe we should be more clear about these hazy thoughts for our own sake.

LOVE is an intense feeling with powerful attraction and sexual desire initially which may fade over time …what however remains are – feelings of connection and affection – if the couple works to sustain them.
TRUE LOVE on the other hand focuses on commitment …includes how you love your partner and how your partner wants to be loved …is being empathetic …goes beyond feelings …involves supporting your partner when they need you …involves choices and behaviours shared by partners.

Romantic, passionate love is no doubt extremely significant as far as TRUE LOVE is concerned; however to enjoy an enduring relationship, couples ought to engage in deliberate acts of love that nurture their partner and their overall couple relationship.

The Recipe Of A Strong Mature Love: Take 2 adult partners …see to it that both partners are emotionally mutually dependent …add both partners love for one another …put in their care for one another …plus a dash of desire for physical closeness with one another …insert enough respect for each other along with being able to have their own identities …let both partners be themselves and be vulnerable with each other, which makes them feel safe!

That’s it …TRUE LOVE is born & ready to be tasted! Experience this precious and priceless feeling and make this SPECIAL BOND LAST. It has no fairy tale formula though …it Begins & Blossoms with partners “committing and recommitting” to each other, both in vow and in action!

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