“DEVOTE” your TIME to love-making!

…riiiiiiiinnngg …n there you press the snooze for another 10 mins …you finally wake up …sit blank and then kick-start your morning chores. You probably are so busy doing your own thing that you haven’t even seen the face of your partner. Both of you randomly discuss your “to do” lists for the day and that’s it …leave for work. Maybe you belong to the working couple category or DINK couples (double income no kids) or maybe the “XY” chromosome amongst you is out for earning the daily bread and the “XX” remains the CEO back home or maybe you belong to the evolving new age family, where you have a “house husband” and the lady is raking in the moolahs! Either ways or any which ways, these days the truth is many couples find it hard to fit sex into their busy schedules.

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While it’s perfectly normal for couples to go through periods when they’re just not in the mood for lovemaking …however if you or your spouse chronically lack desire for sex, then you need to intervene. Reasons could be umpteen – emotional, physical or the effects of aging or sometimes those that you aren’t aware of! Whatever be the case, it doesn’t mean that a couple can’t experience the pleasure and joy of being physically intimate with each other. Sometimes you may want to consider sex therapy by consulting a counsellor or sexologist. Though it may not be easy for many to talk to a professional about such an intimate area of their life, however today seeking treatment for sex problems has become more socially acceptable.

Nonetheless, as a couple you ought to first MAKE TIME and reach out to each other and talk about the issue amongst yourself …open up …be approachable …make room so that each of you are comfortable discussing the matter …don’t shy away or resist …have no fear about anything …shed your inhibitions and focus on improving communication and developing greater intimacy. You don’t have to go through years of needless pain or dissatisfaction; instead CONFRONT the problem, address the challenge mutually. There is no need to feel embarrassed. Sex is such a subjective experience that you can’t impose your own beliefs on your companion; you have to look at your partner as an individual with his or her thoughts on such an intimate process. Maybe you both together can REDEFINE what it means to MAKE LOVE; however for that you first need to DEVOTE TIME for each other!

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