DETOX aaj kal

FLASHBACK …fasting on Sankrishtis or Ekadeshis or Chaturthis or other plethora of religious reasons was a norm then; CUT to TODAY … a detox diet plan. Going on a detox diet is similar to going on a fast …it’s just an urban sophisticated representation of the age old phenomenon of cleansing your stomach at regular intervals to ward off the toxins in your body. Neben stundensoll und klassengröße halte ich das für den bereich, wo dringend etwas getan zu unserer entlastung getan werden muss. Think about it, if cleaning the body was advocated so long ago when the world had so little pollution, how much more do we need to do a detoxification in today’s time? Surely with all the pollution in the air and all the junk fast food that we consume now-a-days, a full body detox is imperative to be healthy. Some of the extra toxins we take in everyday include – Pesticides and herbicides in plant food sources; Chemical preservatives and additives in processed foods; Drugs and medicines; Air pollution; Presence of intestinal worms. Now this overload of toxins isn’t eliminated on time. Therefore opting for a detox diet plan or a diet plan recommended by your nutritionist/ dietician is the order of the day!

It is a given that – it has been our responsibility to keep our body healthy – be it now or then. While the age old tradition of keeping fasts automatically controlled the eating habits of people then; now detox diets are a fad and is the need of the hour. Both by fasting or dieting, the outcome experienced on the body and mind level is the same. People became slimmer, joint pains disappeared; it became easier to sit cross-legged on the floor for longer periods of time; minds became strong, with more clarity and pigmentation on the face reduced. Diet Plans & Detoxification has only made it COOL to FAST; just like how our films glamorised Karva Chauth. Reviving this ancient wisdom of the importance of body cleansing, we can certainly focus on having both inner and outer beauty!

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