D-Day Diet Dilemma!

So you are finally taking the plunge …fantastic! And now you wanna lose weight and be in shape as soon as possible …not-so-fantastic! Well the point we are trying to draw is, getting married is a major lifestyle change; so is losing weight successfully!Think About It.

It’s normal for all you – to-be brides and grooms – out there to want to look your best, be at your best, put your best foot forward, get into that hot trousseau or sleek lehenga, shape your curves and appear toned! However it’s more important to do it the right way rather than resorting to drastic measures like fad diets or pills or enrol in some quick weight loss program. These could be undoubtedly hazardous where you may face future health consequences.

First things first, get a lifestyle change with the help of a registered dietician …plan ahead …e x e r c i s e …set up a well-balanced diet by consulting a nutritionist considering your body type and food intake patterns …join a health club …or maybe get a personal trainer!

Remember it’s important to get proper nutrition during this stressful time. Also the less time you have left, for your wedding, the more time you have to dedicate to working out. You D-Day diet plan ought to make you achieve a sensible and lasting weight loss, so you have to even exercise instead of only cutting down on food.

Pick up Healthy Habits, set your mind to a Fitness Plan, stay Focused, stay Motivated and stay Driven …it’s more of a mind game! It’s the thought of your wedding day probably that can be your driving force and lets you sustain your motivation levels.

So just use your D-Day to get started with a DIET & WORK OUT plan …stick to it …continue …feel great and tell yourself “I can do it”!

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