COOL “b e a u t y” SHOWER!

Though we love to pamper ourselves weekly with a beauty bath, lets face it there are most of us who don’t like to shower …call it laziness OR sheer lack of motivation; especially on holidays, that scheduled showering routine often lands up getting postponed, isn’t it! And there are still others, whose mother’s have to scream at them every Sunday to get them bathing!

The only way to tackle this ‘indolence to bathe’ is by optimising your shower time with most possible beauty indulgences. LONG BATH is a strict “NO NO”! Knowing this fact itself is a huge relief for lazy souls. A quick shower not only saves water but also helps our skin. Excessive contact with water makes our skin sensitive and dehydrates it. In addition, tap water has the tendency to strip away oils that seal in moisture. Wrinkly palms and feet happen after contact with water for too long. If you do stay in for an hour moisturise immediately when you get out before your skin has dried because when your skin is still moist it acts like a sponge. Applying moisturizer over damp skin helps to lock in the moisture. However with a shower time of 15 minutes you can most certainly have an effective bath.

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Bathing after meals is a strict “NO NO” because your stomach becomes busy after eating food and it can effect your digestive system. So come what may, we need to push ourselves to the bathroom on a lazy Sunday – before having our lunch or even a heavy breakfast – to indulge in our beauty bath routine.

A little massage before shower does wonders to our beauty. And a quick yet gentle massage on the ears, legs and waist area is the main pillar of our beautiful body. Follow this massage with a proper bath which helps our pores to breathe. When it comes to temperature of the water, we ought to remember that hot water is not ideal for bathing for it dries our skin and the best is to shower in lukewarm water, which is comfortable and also helps remove sebum. To increase blood circulation throughout the body and to refresh, wind up your shower with a final cool water rinse. Moreover washing our face in cold water helps to make blood vessels constrict and even aid to reduce swelling and appearance of under-eye dark circles.

To all those who wash their hair last …it’s a strict “NO NO”! Shampooing your hair first will ensure you filter the dirt down your body and as you cleanse your body later, you will get rid of those sebum and oil to emerge really clean. So the next time you are washing your hair, shower from top to bottom! This also means you wash your face after shampooing, so that you don’t get the dirt from your hair or the ingredients of your shampoo into your cleansed face. In addition, it’s essential to be gentle to our face, so collect water in our hands and splash it on our face at the sink, rather than putting your face directly under the shower head as the water pressure can be detrimental to your skin in the long term.

We can also save time by exfoliating our face during our beauty shower and then quickly indulging in some sort of a facial massage with a cleanser which provides necessary lubrication. In addition, gently squeeze or exfoliate your black heads with the steam from warm water which will open up the pores. And for those who do their own manicure or pedicure, shower time is a good time to get rid of those dead cuticle skin plus you will also save time from having to soak your fingers or feet.

And finally for all those who step out of their showers all wet; and dry themselves in the room, pat yourself dry with your towel immediately after showering because leaving water to evaporate on your skin will make it drier. Also leave your skin slightly damp for the moisturizing.

With this “ideal” beauty bath, you can definitely optimize your time and beauty while not feeling lazy to do so!

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