…continue GLOWING post this Festival of Lights!

Diwali is one such festival, when the celebration is on not only in your homes but also in every minute particle of the air outside you. This festive spirit is contagious and spreads like live wire in the air! No wonder then that, pollutants too get attracted to this beautiful festival!

Due to the increase in pollutant levels, symptoms like eye burns, running nose, skin allergy and skin rashes are often seen. Continuous bursting of firecrackers for 4-5 days increases the level of suspended heavy metal particles in the air significantly. Large amounts of toxins are also emitted in the air – like sulphur dioxide, sulphides etc. – which not only cause breathing problems but also rashes on the skin and blocked pores, thereby aggravating the condition of acne as well. Moreover, continuous exposure to high intensity lights caused by crackers and Chinese lights can cause skin tanning.

Our skin being the largest and most sensitive organ of the body is most likely to take the brunt of all excesses that have been committed during this festive Diwali season. So whether its calorie consumption or exposure to high levels of pollution from firecrackers, the after effects of it all will soon begin to show on your skin. And that’s exactly why your skin deserves extra pampering post diwali!

REMEMBER: to wash your hands and face DAILY with a mild soap, scrub the dirt away and use a good moisturiser; cover your face with a cotton cloth while watching or burning crackers; wear glasses to protect your eyes from flashes; limit the intake of fried food as it promotes breakouts and dull skin; in the entire hustle bustle of festival, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated …so keep gulping down loads of H2O; spray rose water whenever your skin feels dry or dull.

With these simple tips you can indulge in and enjoy the festivities completely without having to fret over the post celebration syndrome!

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