Concept Note: Kya Karu Main Ab

Kya Karu Main Ab (KKMA) is Care World TVs most celebrated show with viewers across geographical borders, age no bar and with a diverse audience profile. Normally the reach of a program can often be defined and limited to engage a particular set of minds; however KKMA is absolutely miraculous, which can be seen by the way it has caught on among a wide audience base inclusive of a varied mix of professionals, income groups, socio economic status, educational background, age groups etc.

Needless to say, this hard hitting interactive series on the most basic of human instincts – SEX – is making waves not just because of its sensational content; however also because of its intelligent treatment. To put up this signature show, the entire unit at Care World TV is in regular consistent action. Right from – coordination’s with the panel members inclusive of top sexologists, gynaecologists, social workers to creating the docu-fiction series based on real case studies – KKMA has a lot of man hours and minute detailing behind the final finished product. In addition, the moderator of this series – Ms. Varsha Usgaonkar, a renowned actress – manoeuvres each episode with elegance.

Care World TV ensures that this program is of high quality value, rather than a sleazy demonstration. Moreover it is totally educative in nature aiming to guide its viewers from all possible deep rooted fears and doubts. Its interactive nature promotes healthy discussion on a sensitive and least talked about subject, where viewers can get their queries answered. Also the show kills ignorance, unexpressed worries and myths and takes responsibility to fill the minds of its viewers with healthy knowledge on a misrepresented subject like SEX!

Example 2 the boy who had been missing for three days was found at his friend’s house in texas
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