Choose your BEVERAGE carefully!

A glass of soft drink served chilled with ice cubes at a party or after a work out or merely stacked in your refrigerator sure sounds cool …however sipping them is no more cool! A soft drink typically contains carbonated water, a sweetener and a natural or artificial flavouring. They also contain caffeine, colourings, preservatives and other ingredients.

Drinking these carbonated, caffeinated, sugared or artificially sweetened beverages is certain to harm your body in more ways than one. Yet it seems to be the beverage of choice for millions. It is delicious, so maybe the taste could get one addicted to drinking soda. Yet another factor is convenience, its available everywhere. If you are in a rush and want something quickly, it is so easy to grab and convenient to drink. Further soda is pretty inexpensive when compared with fruit juice and milk. Also people drink soda to quench thirst. However soda is the most acidic beverage to have when you are thirsty. In addition, many soft drinks contain caffeine and caffeine is mildly addictive. Therefore soda is such a hard habit to break.

Now the minute you sip these aerated drinks loads of things start happening inside the body. And if you are just thinking that consuming the diet versions of these soft drinks will be better, unfortunately they produce more impairment than the sweet versions.

Having these carbonated beverages really decreases the metabolism and helps in destroying the fat burning enzymes in no time. Consumption of these soft drinks can adversely affect your overall nutrient intake. People who drink carbonated beverages also tend to eat less fruit and drink less fresh fruit juice, milk and even water compared to those who do not drink sodas thereby depriving themselves from essential vitamins and minerals. Women who consume regular soft drinks have weaker hipbones compared to those who do not drink these beverages. The degree of bone weakness correlates to the amount of soda consumed.
Soda is devoid of any nutritional value …its nothing but sugar water. Not only are there many harmful effects of soda, but there isn’t any positive benefits to outweigh them. It is an unnatural substance, is bad and harms the body.

The high sugar, sodium and caffeine content in soda, dehydrates the body and over a long period of time can cause chronic dehydration. In addition, drinking soda regularly causes plaque to build up on the teeth and can lead to cavities and gum disease.

Soda may fetch you a “diet-soda belly” leading to obesity and diabetes; and even diet soda will pack on the pounds. Too much phosphoric acid in sodas can lead to heart and kidney problems, muscle loss, osteoporosis and could trigger accelerated aging.

Apart from this, there is an industry chemical also found in other citrus-based soft drinks and sports drinks, which has been known to cause memory loss and nerve disorders when consumed in large quantities.

Even though these soft drinks look appealing and more so when the sun is up, giving them up can be one of the best things you can do to improve your health. Carry a refillable water bottle with you so that you have something to drink when thirst hits. If you need a hint of flavour, try adding slices of fruit to your water to infuse it with flavour. Watermelon, lemon and peach are good options. You can even add a splash of 100 percent fruit juice to sparkling water for a refreshing boost in flavour. These frizzy drinks can also be replaced with healthier options such as flavoured water, soy milk and herbal tea.

While H2O is undoubtedly The Best Choice of Beverage in the world; you can also relish any kind of tea – herbal, green or black – rich in antioxidants; and 100% fruit juice can also be useful for flavouring your water and teas!

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