CELEBRATE your Beautiful Body!

Beauty magazines, fashion shows, photo shopped media images, glamorous models on billboards, undue importance given to weight loss programs, obsession to have that perfect body, unrealistic desire to fit into a particular clothing …all these and much more tend to hammer our thoughts and cloud our definitions of a beautiful body. Loving our body certainly becomes difficult then!

To love Your body means – To Love Who You Are! Everyone has their own unique shape that should be embraced and not criticized. We all need to befriend our body and not be our body’s enemy. So don’t keep complaining instead accept your body wholeheartedly first and then do what needs to be done with Tender Loving Care!

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Count your blessings, not your blemishes. Remind yourself that your body is a tool, an instrument, a gift of your life which lets you live your full potential. It’s not just an ornament …it is your vehicle which will take you to places and let you fulfil your dreams. Therefore – Fuel it with love …Respect it …Appreciate it …Listen to it and Honour what it needs!

Feel good about your body always, at any age, during any phase of life. Feed your body a well balanced diet when you are hungry. Give some rest to your body when you are tired. Practice healthy hygiene. Compliment yourself and don’t compare yourself with others. Surround yourself with people that remind you of your inner beauty and strength!

Don’t let others standards of beauty, Define your Body. Your time is better spent doing something, other than worrying about your body and figure. Don’t let your weight or shape keep you from activities that you enjoy. As long as you’re healthy, that’s all that matters. Walk with your head firm on your shoulders supported by confidence in yourself as a person. And wear comfortable clothes that make you feel good, that you like and that express your personal style!

Every morning when you wake up, be grateful for the body you own. Further exercise to make your body healthy and strong; and because working out makes you feel good. Do not exercise to fight your body. Find a method of exercise that you enjoy and do it regularly.

Everything about your body is a part of your anatomy, so Celebrate Yourself Just the way YOU ARE. Remember when YOU FEEL Beautiful, YOU ARE Beautiful!

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