CARE …while you COLOUR your HAIR!

Streaking your hair is the order of the day …and why not, your hair colour can be an extension of your personality …you can feel all new and reborn with those highlights, isn’t it? However beware that, following this hottest trend you shouldn’t be chemically abusing your hair!

Consider taking some precautions and care so that your hair will not be affected in the process. Here it’s first important to understand how exactly hair colouring happens …well hair colouring products use some form of chemicals on the open hair cuticle to deposit colour into the cortex – that’s the inner layer – in single strand of hair. This makes the colour last and without the chemicals, the colour would fade the next time you shampooed your hair. Hence colouring your hair could lead to some amount of hair damage.

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If you are streaking your hair for the first time then you may experience some dryness of the hair. Therefore a strong conditioner is recommended. And if you have been frequently highlighting your hair, that’s certainly damaging since it affects the natural lustre, hair texture and elasticity of the hair. So go slow and keep some gaps!

While your coloured hair may look great, the texture may be at risk being rough and tangled. Always make it a point to use extra conditioning to deal with the dryness caused by the hair colour and avoid harsh shampoos like anti-dandruff shampoos. If you have damaged hair or split ends, a trim before colouring is recommended, as your hair ends are prone to soaking up excess colour.

Indulge in hair spa treatments for hair damaged due to repeated colouring. If your hair is already damaged by perming and straightening, try and avoid the pre-bleaching process. If you’re scalp is sensitive, make sure you inform your stylist. If you have scratches or abrasions on your scalp, wait until they have healed before colouring your hair. A patch test is a must, especially if you’re colouring your hair at home. And there you are, all set to Paint your Hair to glory!

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