“Calm Sutra”

If matters of the heart are known to be sensitive; then matters of the bed are super sensitive …meaning Intimacy is “thin-skinned” and you can’t mess around on bed with your partner. As a rule before calling it a day and retiring – make it a point to dissolve differences between you and your companion – if ever you both had any arguments in the day time. Do not carry misunderstandings to bed …cut your ego and talk it out …open up …communicate …share …exchange opinions and thoughts. It’s important to hit the bed on a clear note and peaceful mind!

Often couples carry their day time tiffs to bed and this undoubtedly affects their performance at some level. If some nagging thought regarding your spouse or some happening through the day involving your companion is bothering you, discuss that concern with your partner. You will feel light and be able to love more on bed. On the other hand – when couples go to bed without clarifying their distress and land up getting physical – then the negative psychological impact remains. One of the partner lands up feeling taken for granted …or feeling used. Now that’s a painful experience.

Couples need to realise that, in order to enjoy fulfilment on bed, its essential to unite physically and emotionally with your partner, leaving no room for unresolved fights. So be cool …speak up …clear the air …and stay calm before a love making session with your companion – it’s a sure shot sutra that works!

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