…breezy beautiful SUMMER apparels!

As a rule man is a Fool …when it’s Hot he wants Cool; when it’s Cool he wants Hot …always wanting what is NOT! And for now am certain mankind would do anything to remain COOL COOL. With the soaring temperature the thought of adorning your body itself seems nightmarish. But hey, you can play it COOL with some breezy summer apparels and make your sultry looks, sexy! Sounds COOL, isn’t it!

Make the most of this spiking weather and go for the best of both worlds – so be Comfortable and Stylish this summer and have some fun with summer dressing. Garb in thin layers …play with colour blocking, go for brightly coloured scarf’s. Super lightweight chiffon scarves are a perfect way to add some dimension and layering to your outfit without making you too hot. An energised cotton scarf will also do the trick.

Dress for your body type …use interesting design details …opt for loads of linens, be it shirt, jumpsuits what-so-ever! Patterned scarfs, pastels, floral prints, geometric cutouts, cotton and silk tops full of retro charm, polka dots, maxi dress, warli prints, lemon yellow crops in stretchy cotton all of these are just apt for the summery airy look.

As for work apparels, a traditional shift dress both professional and conservative, which can be easily combined with a jacket or cardigan will certainly make heads turn. And for the evening, make it a bit more special than your day and work dress, so maybe you can go for those with silk material.

Though Colours make a statement every summer, don’t forget that white is your best friend for this weather. It is the most versatile colour to wear and whenever you are unsure of what to wear, WHITE clothing is all yours! Either you can be in white toto OR combine it with almost any colour and pattern in your closet …and there you are, all classy and contemporary!

For the day a nice wrap around skirt or a butterfly dress can serve as a perfect summer outfit. And lo! beachwear’s are popular this season …the dress which can be shorter than your other clothes …easy to wash and that which doesn’t wrinkle too easily! It could also be a simple floral dress with spaghetti straps. Perfect for the beach and can also be used as a tunic worn over pants for casual clothes.

Further, boost your simple summer outfits with accessories, colours, graphics, shoes and pattern to make things more interesting. Accessorising and playing with colours is an absolute necessity during the heat. Use statement necklaces, colourful standout shoes, in case of flats make sure it’s a fun and arty one, bags and belts are a must too. Don’t forget to have fun with sunglasses. Use them in abundance this summer and play with colours and shapes.

Though summers can be a challenge to dress with fewer layering tricks at our disposal, we can still remain CHIC and UBER COOL with these simple tricks!

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