Boost your Sex Drive naturally!

While the weather is COLD …is your bedtime with your companion HOT? …if NOT go for these safe & effective natural libido enhancers. These simple natural ‘Aphrodisiac Foods’ ensure a better sex drive and thereby improves your sex life. They’re often considered the catalyst for love!

It’s believed that partners with dry sex lives often don’t get along well with each other in general. These natural remedies will increase your sexual vitality, give your libido a boost and revive the heat in your bedroom. They also help you experience ultimate orgasms during sex. So be it stress or late night work or chasing kids, these aphrodisiacs increases the levels of sex hormones in your body and guarantee more sexy nights with your companion!

“FEATHERS” when subtly brushed against the skin can instantly ignite lust when you are in touch with your senses. This faint touch can create magic between you and your mate. Further lay your hands on one of the best fruit in the world – AVACADOS – which when eaten improves your sexual desire.

Who doesn’t like the aroma of Vanilla …its addictive and makes your sex life sizzling! Truth is “VANILLA” is eaten, drank and smelled as an aphrodisiac since ages. It’s also the most arousing scent for aging men because it relaxes them and gets the juices flowing. Yet another common aphrodisiac is our very own “GINGER”. The heat you experience when you consume this spice is similar to the heat felt during sexual arousal. The simple taste of Ginger increases the blood flow to the genitals by dilating blood vessels and improving circulation. Gulp some Ginger and get ready for an erotic night!

The best aphrodisiac however is the scent of your lovers “BARE SKIN”. Also don’t forget to get horny with “BANANAS”. Being loaded with potassium and vitamin B, Bananas are vital in the functioning of your sex hormones. And if your spouse is a lover of chocolates, then go dipping that banana in chocolate for a stimulating dessert; since “CHOCOLATE” is yet another exciting dish which makes us happy as they contain serotonin and phenylethylamine. Both of these are mood-lifting hormones found naturally in the brain of people who are in love.

Last but not the least, “MUSIC” is an aphrodisiac which helps lovers’ brains and bodies get ‘in sync’ with one another, enhancing emotional intimacy. Music has a certain frequency which helps slow down the brain, which heightens sensory perception and encourages greater awareness of one’s self and one’s mate.

Get Aroused …Increase your Stamina and Indulge in some Passionate SEX with these LOVE CATALYSTS!

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