Blow out beautiful BREATH

Ever wondered what is it to spend the rest of your life with someone who had bad-breath!!!!! Noooooooo way …that’s the first reaction, isn’t it? Well then why is it that we take such an integral part of life force – Our Breath – for granted? We spend hours beautifying our body …put efforts religiously for beautifying our skin …keep a check at regular intervals on the condition of our hair …do our bit consistently to enhance our eyes and lips before we step out for a social gathering; and that’s it, we think we have put our best foot forward.

Hang on …get your reality check done! Did you examine your breath? Are you even aware that “IT” exists? IT as in – your breath – exists! Honestly more than half the population are not even conscious that they breathe …leave alone considering how does their breath smell. This attitude is certainly hazardous. YOUR BREATH is as much a vital part of your personality as any other body organ is. And mind you, it speaks volumes about you and defines your persona a lot more than you think.

So yeah, apart from merely brushing your teeth every morning, get your tongue cleaned as well, with a tongue cleaner. You will be surprised to know that, lot of people avoid cleaning their tongue. Secondly, if you can cultivate the habit of brushing your teeth before you retire for the day – FANTASTIC – PAT YOUR BACK, right now!

If you can’t, follow these simple guidelines to avoid bad-breath – gargle your mouth every time after you have your meals, don’t just wash your hands and vanish; when your mouth is shut for long hours, keep sipping water frequently; smokers beware, your breath after a puff, is a put-off; in addition, tea coffee and smoke is a lethal combination …rinse your mouth; even after having plain tea or coffee, you need to rinse your mouth or sip in water; keep mouth-fresheners handy if you have consumed raw onions and garlic, since only rinsing your mouth will not be enough.

And last but not the least; maintain Dental Hygiene by going for a routine dental check-up; also get your stomach cleared by maintaining a healthy bowel habit …since it all boils down to your belly …your breath and belly are strongly connected!

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