…begin 2016 with a “Beautiful Bodywork” session!

Waking up with a hangover on new years morning is so passé …and then doing the same old things you do every first day of the New Year, like waking up late, lazing around, working on your hangover and gradually getting normal, catching up on afternoon siesta and maybe planning something special for the evening …isn’t that so predictable and boring!

How about not waking up with a hangover, which means you don’t go overboard with your drinks or you don’t drink at all. Not drinking doesn’t mean you aren’t celebrating or enjoying yourself. It could be more fun! After wishing your loved ones at midnight, you could probably go to bed and maybe then, you could wake up a wee bit early than normal on New Years Morning …and while most of them at your home could be asleep, you go to the mirror …give a genuine SMILE to yourself …and be grateful for the New Year that has dawned in …make a prayer if you wish or just sit quiet for few minutes with eyes shut focusing on your breath!

After a basic wash, maybe you could get out alone for a morning stroll with your shawl, stole or shrug …observe the deserted roads since most of them would be snoozing having had a late night …and head towards the Ayurvedic spa in your locality. Or if it’s shut, get a pre-booking done in the nearest hotel which offers an Ayurvedic spa and gift yourself a rejuvenating full body, warm Ayurvedic oil massage before showering in the morning.

This two-hour experience of warm oil massage in the morning followed with herbal steam and ‘shirodhara’ where warm oil is poured over the forehead is an absolutely blissful process. It’s the most heavenly and luxurious experience you can treat yourself to on the first day of the New Year.

You are most certainly to feel so pampered and cared for during this beautiful bodywork session. Your skin will glow from the deeply nourishing warm herbalized oils and your mind will deeply rest. This isn’t just a morning massage, it’s a divine course of action where your nervous system soothes, the body relaxes, strengthens the circulation and let’s go off a lot of tension, stress, anxiety, negativity and pain. The lymph flow is stimulated and toxins are eliminated. The skin becomes moist, smooth, supple, soft and youthful. Your body’s energy levels get deeply recharged and strengthens immunity. Your nerves are calmed and lo! this full body, warm Ayurvedic oil massage in the morning also helps in losing weight!

It’s definitely a beautiful way to start the first day of the New Year. And once you head home, have your regular warm beverage, enjoy a beautiful shower and paint a colourful 2016 for yourself!

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