Q: Thanks for answering my previous question. I have lots of black/brown spots on my face. I have been told that they are freckles and they will not go away. Is there any type of foundation I can use to hide this. Insbesondere beschäftigte er sich mit medizinischen und naturwissenschaftlichen problemen, vor allem auch essay schreiben einen Blick auf die Website hier der meteorologie.

H (Mumbai, India)

A: Avoid the sun, or you will develop more freckles. You can apply any foundation that matches your skin colour to conceal freckles. You could also apply a little concealor before applying foundation, if you feel that the foundation is not concealing your freckles enough.
Q: I have had a small round ring shape with a small white patch at the side of my nose, and there appears to have white heads , which is frequent, it looks like open skin pores and at times it is itchy , how can i prevent that and it has left a scarring on my face

Ganga (Mumbai, India)

A: You should show it to a dermatologist as I am not getting a clear picture by your description. If it is a skin infection, it should be seen in person and accordingly treated.


Q: Hi, I have a problem. My face is becoming darker day by day. I used to be fair. I am very depressed. Please tell me what I can do.

Saji (Banglore, India)

A: Apply a mixture of nimbu and cucumber juice to your face at night, wash it off in the morning. Drink one glass of nimbu mixed with water as soon as you wake up every morning, to clear your system, and your complexion. (One full nimbu in one glass water, NO sugar) Drink at least ten glasses of water daily. Wash your face twice a day with a face wash suited to your skin type. Apply sunscreen during the day, even if you are indoors.
Q: I am around 23 years old n male, I hav a serious dandruff problem, like it makes some layers on my head, n if I try to remove it with my nail, it really hurts me badly. What I can do?
A: Dandruff is a common scalp problem where white flakes are shed by the scalp and often causes itching. There could be many causes of dandruff; here we give you solutions to get rid of it. Methi is known as a common natural ingredient that can delay the greying of hair and is also the perfect antidote against stubborn dandruff. Soak methi seeds overnight in water and then grind them into a paste. Apply this on your scalp and leave it for a few hours and then wash your hair with shampoo. Curd or dahi is in known to have health and skin benefits. Curd has anti-fungal properties which help banish dandruff and other hair and skin problems. Mix curd with white pepper and apply on your scalp. Keep it on for 30 minutes and wash off.
Q: My hair is bald and I have dandruff and is hair falling from last 3 years. I take so many medicines but not controlled my hair fall and dandruff. ?
A: Don’t have too much of medications, unless advised by the doctor. Do twice a week oiling with your finger tips dap in oil place over head move your fingers gently in circular motion with a firm pressure. Don’t rub your hairs while oiling or washing. Keep oil overnight wash out next morning with mild shampoo. Use homeopathic jaborandi oil and arnica shampoo. Do oiling twice a week. This will reduce dryness of your scalp and dandruff may b there due to dry scalp. Have a good healthy protein rich diet. Along with this you can go for homeopathic medicine which will resolve your problem. If you use cap then avoid using it for long hours, as too much sweating at scalp can be avoided.
Q: My kid got a deep nail scratch on her face recently. It got clotted but the scar is visible, I am very much worried about this scar. Can you plzzadvice me anything (home remedy) which can clear the scar properly. ranjana (Mumbai, )
A: Aloe Vera is excellent for treatment of fresh wounds and scars. If you can find the plant, squeeze the leaf and apply the juice to the scar. Else, apply Aloe Vera Gel. Also, apply lemon juice to the scar. Lemon juice is a natural bleach and should help.
Q: My son has some scars in face? He is very worried for this scars. How can remove the scars from face? Please require me any medicine?
Centhil (LA, USA)
A: For medication, show your child to a dermatoligist, who will prescribe something after personally examining your son. Homemade remedy: Let your child apply cucumber juice to his face daily, and wash off after fifteen minutes.
Q: I’m really impressed by lookin’ @ the feedbackz that people have posted for you (seriously). Well, as I was readin’ I thought since u’ve been helping other people you could help me a little too. So, my question is I’ve been using creamz for acne and they r not really working. Now, I’ve tried to use Besan+milk+lemonjuice+haldi in the morning n @ nite and in the between I use lemon juice and let it dry for 10 min and 5 mins for honey b4 I wash my face the 2nd time. It’s actually really worrking but I’m more stressed about is about the scars. is there a fast and better home remedy treatment that can be used for my scars. I’m actually askin you this Q from all the way Detroit, MI. hopin’ to hear from you soon. Once again, thanking you for taking out the time for my solution. Karishma Sharma
Karishma (New Delhi, India)
A: The best home remedy for scars is actually lemon juice, since it is a natural bleach and will lighten scars. Since you are using lemon juice in any case, there is really nothing else you can do. Please don’t stress about the scars. Once you have your pimples under control, the scars will gradually fade. Also, you could consider laser treatment as a final option – but only after your pimples are under control, or else they will keep reappearing and you will keep getting fresh scars. As soon as a pimple bursts, gently squeeze it completely till all the pus and blood comes out – with clean hands – and then apply cotton soaked in lemon juice to the spot. Leave it on for 10 – 15 mins. You will not get a scar.