Sipping my half cuppa filter coffee I just went blank wondering about how the Fashion Capital of the world is mourning …Pray for Paris …the Beautiful Paris …that ought to be our slogan, isn’t it! Well my blank mind then slowly began to flower some thoughts and I started wondering how much of beauty is connected to fashion? Actually its not! While Beauty broadly is about your skin, your hair, your make-up etc; Fashion is all about the clothes your adorn yourself with …the way you accessorise yourself …your signature hair-do …the way you carry yourself Come What May!

Fashion is about trends …the in-thing …your personal style quotient and it could be relative. Whereas beauty encompasses the WHOLE YOU …the inner you …the external you …how beautiful your mind is …how beautiful you make your world!

While fashion is temporary and keeps changing; beauty is here to stay …it’s more promising and permanent. Not everyone is fashionable or a fashion designer; however all of us are certainly beautiful in our own unique way …while some have beautiful thoughts, others have beautiful eyes; some have a beautiful smile, others have a beautiful character; some have a beautiful body, others add a lot of beauty to your life; some have a beautiful skin, while the mere presence of others makes you beautiful!

Fashion Shows have showstoppers wearing that killer outfit and arresting the eye-balls of one and all; while a Beautiful You is inclusive of your personality, your intelligence, your talent …the complete YOU! Fashion labels have copyrights …while beauty is owned by none. BEAUTY simply lies in the eyes of the beholder!

With whatever you have and whoever you are, CREATE your BEAUTIFUL WORLD and be the SHOWSTOPPER always! This will automatically make this globe a beautiful and fashionable place to live in! PEACE and PRAYERS for Paris because we care.

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