B R E A T H E for Good Sex

As humans we all mechanically go through the process of inhaling and exhaling …day in and day out …every hour …every minute and moment to moment without even realising that we are breathing. We take this most important activity of life – OUR BREATH – for granted. Therefore even when we are indulging in this mundane routine every second of our life, we aren’t even aware that we are breathing. BUT do you know that YOUR BREATH and YOUR BEDROOM SESSIONS are deeply connected!

Controlling your Breathing – improves your sexual performance and enhances the pleasure of SEX! This is because our most vital sexual assets are OUR BODY and OUR MIND. We first need to understand that, though SEX is all in the mind, it is primarily a physical activity and therefore we ought to breathe. And that too breathe deeply. The truth is – the More we Breathe, the Better we Feel; and the Better we Feel, the Better the SEX!

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Normally while having sex we land up breathing faster and shorter …which isn’t the right way. Instead deep breathe and slow down. This will delay your orgasm and result in a more satisfying climax. Deep breathing during sex elevates the sensation of euphoria.

During sexual intercourse we often tend to hold our breath and don’t breathe efficiently. As a result our body is not working as well as it could or should be because it isn’t getting sufficient oxygen for the activity. It makes us more tired, faster. As a result our energy levels dip and the male erection softens and the female arousal lessens. Thus the sexual activity culminates faster. However controlling our breathing will Prolong SEX, Make HIM HARDER for LONGER, delay both your orgasms and make your climax more intense when it arrives!

While Making Love, learn to use your breathing and you definitely will learn to enjoy a new type of euphoria during SEX. Deep Breathing may not be simple …it certainly takes practice, but it’s worth it – not just for sex, but for daily life as well. Inhale and exhale slowly during sex and put efforts to match your breathing patterns with your partner’s – by doing so – your entire bodies will be in sync too!

Last but not the least, slow your breathing when you are close to orgasm which will directly influence your climax and can control it very effectively. We ought to remember that, “BREATH” is equal to “OXYGEN”. And the best thing about OXYGEN is that – it gets us HIGH …and therefore gives us a heightened sexual pleasure if consumed well!

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