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Health care is not mainly a concern for a person suffering from illness and disease. It is for the mass of health conscious youth, middle aged executives and figure conscious home makers who now seek a holistic approach to well being. Physical fitness no longer involves seeking a remedy for a specific ailment. It denotes a totally new concept of physical, mental and spiritual wellness which can be achieved by channels such as Care World, which with its vast data base provides input ranging from hospitals for the immediate ailments to information regarding physical fitness centers and yoga clinics. In addition, pointers to a healthy diet which is necessary to body, mind and spirit, is also readily available for a complete holistic solutions to achieving a healthy existence. Apart from the vast data base which caters to every health requirement, Care World satisfies the essential need of the affluent and the not so affluent, particularly the latter who can not invest in memberships and expensive spas and wellness institutes, who can not engage trainers and dietitians at exorbitant rates and pander to their beauty needs by visiting luxury clinics by facilitating their excess to fitness, well being and beauty by consulting just one channel and assimilating and absorbing the tips given by the experts in their respective fields. Living in a stressful world as we do today, most conflicts and enmities are fostered by minds imbalanced by the pressures of everyday existence, the fight for survival in a fiercely competitive world and the strain of keeping up with the spiraling economic crises. By providing a vast store of information for healing the body, the mind and the soul, recourse to such channel as Care World offers solutions to ease the existing strains and make for a more peaceable co-existence. Television has universal and mass appeal.The medium reaches out to the literate and not so literate who do not have access to the limited written material on holistic approach to healing, wherein the past people in small towns and even in the outer areas of the cities were at the mercy of partially qualified doctors and quacks to diagnose and cure the illnesses (and more often than not incorrectly diagnosed). Care World now reaches out to people who can orient and educate themselves into the causes of the physical and mental disturbance and help and guide them to seek the proper, qualified avenue for its cure. Content produced in state of the art studios in Mumbai involving top of the line experts has generated avid viewers in India, Bangkok, Pakistan, Nepal and many more Asian Countries. Care World is available on major Cable Networks across the country.